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Billiard Lessons

Billiard Lessons from Peter Margo

Learn to Play Billiards from a Champion!

Peter Margo is available for private lessons, seminars and consulting.  Peter will analyze your game and offer some tips- and will teach you some trick shots as well.
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The Peter Margo Store

for fun... and blood

Now in print! Pick up a copy of Peter Margo's book, Trick Shots for fun... and blood at his store.  You can also find autographed photos and unique items for sale.  Book preview has sample trick shots...             ( Read More )

Biography and Record

Peter Margo, Pool Champion

PETER MARGO HALL OF FAME Straight Pool and 9-Ball Champion

Peter Margo has won many events over the years- and has many trophies to show for them.  Read about Peter Margo, his billiards career and where he is today.           ( Read More )

Photo Gallery

Click for Photos of Peter Margo in Action...

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